The Advantages of Air Suspension

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Most vehicles are equipped with a metal suspension system, composed of coil and leaf springs. Air Suspension replaces these steel components with heavy-duty rubber airbags that can be inflated using either an in-vehicle or external air compressor. Air suspension systems have several advantages over more traditional mechanical springs.

Easily Adjust Ride Height/Level

The most important benefit of an air system is that it allows the owner to easily adjust the ride height and level of his vehicle. Because the level of suspension can be matched to the load that is being pulled, the vehicle is made more adaptable and safety is improved. With a fitted in-vehicle compressor, this change can be made almost instantly. With conventional leaf and coil suspensions, a great deal of time, work and mechanical know-how would be required to switch out the parts before transporting heavy loads. The ability to easily adjust air suspension also makes it easy to tow trailers, as it sits with the pitch of the trailer.

Improved Handling

Because of their adaptability, vehicles that are equipped with airbag suspension systems can be driven over a variety of terrains while maintaining a smoother ride and better handling. This is achieved because an air spring feed off a closed volume of air. The increase and decrease in pressure caused by travelling over rough surface can create a natural tendency for the vehicle (and airbag) to return to its normal height. Not only does this quality stop the vehicle from bottoming-out, it also gives the driver a better feel for the road ahead of them.

Other Advantages

Because air suspensions improve handling and provide the ability to adjust for load weights and trailers, tire wear is reduced. Therefore, switching to an air suspension system will save money in the long run as you spend less for tires, in addition to other components such as axles and tie-rods, that may be affected by inferior leaf-and-coil suspensions. This smoother ride offered by airbags also will result in a steady, constant beam of headlights, further improving safety. Those in favour of street modifications will find that an airbag suspension system also is effective in creating a low-rider look.

Air suspension systems also have a hidden advantage in that they benefit the roads on which you drive. Specifically, this refers to the air suspension systems equipped on large commercial vehicles. Vehicles equipped with low-stiffness springs, such as airbags, are more kerb friendly than stiffer, metal springs. In the end, this means fewer potholes and less money spent on road improvement.


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