What is the difference between the “Boost gauge” and the “Multi-gauge”?

Although both versions of the gauge has the same integrated digital display, the way these gauges obtain data from you vehicle is different. The Boost Gauge is a gauge that reads boost/vacuum and battery voltage using its own integrated analog sensor. The Multi-Gauge plugs into your vehicle’s OBD2 port and communicates with the ECU to pull data for all of its values.

How accurate is the gauge?

The Boost Gauge has its own dedicated sensor that mechanically reads boost directly from your vehicle’s charge pipe/intake manifold, so it is always reporting the exact pressure of your intake/charge pipe. The Multi-Gauge pulls data directly from your vehicle’s ECU, so it is reporting the exact values your ECU sees.

What if my car is heavily modified/tuned?

The function of our Boost gauge is not affected by any tunes/mods in any way. For the Multi-Gauge in virtually all cases, ECU flash tunes have no effect on the accuracy of it’s readings. With “piggy-back” style tunes that intercept sensors, the boost readings can appear lower than the actual value because your ECU is being “tricked” by the tune. The add-on analog boost sensor or Boost Gauge solves this problem.

Does the gauge display values in English or Metric units?

The gauge can be configured to display units in English, Metric or a combination of both.

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